washing instructions

Follow these instructions for long-lasting garments 

Your new piece of clothing is not only unique by design, but it has also been made with a combination of the best possible production practices and materials.

Since it is created with organic, natural fabric linings and delicate 3D-printed practices, it needs a little extra care for long-lasting use. Please, follow the washing instructions below and give preference to hand washing with cold water.

If you need consultation regarding the caring and/or washing of your 3D-printed piece of clothing, contact us via e-mail: hello@juliadaviy.com


Preferred temperature for washing this garment is 30°C / 86 °F or lower


Hand Wash

Hand wash is preferred.


Do not iron

Do not put in the dryer. Do not iron

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Will be glad to answer your questions regarding the caring policy of your 3D-printed piece of clothing