Pandora Bag

Pandora Bag is a manifestation of shape freedom and creation that mimics the growing process in nature where nothing wasted. Redesigning of the main stages for the bag manufacturing, Julia Daviy tries to create a sophisticated design with minimal possible material use. The Pandora bag is fabricated digitally and printed using two additive manufacturing processes.

This art bag is slightly flexible and durable.

The compact interior is sized to fit the essentials – think cell phone, lipstick, keys and a cardholder.

Size: height – 18 cm, width – 16.8 cm.
Designed and made in USA.

Ready-to-order from March 21.

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Product information

Magnetic closure.
Chain length is 44 cm.

Size: height – 18 cm, width – 16.8 cm.
Designed and made in USA.

Wear a Piece of New Age in Fashion

You are unique.
Wear a garment that reflects your identity.

Printed on 3D printers
Zero waste
Innovative, technological, new age of fashion

Questions and answers

The 3D-printed clothing pictured above is a true representation. It does not look too different from traditionally made clothing. At the same time, it differs – not only because it was created with a technological and environmentally-friendly approach, but because the design is impossible to re-create with traditional methods of clothing production.

Below is a list of commonly asked questions:

What is it made from?

Each garment contains from 2 parts – the upper layer which is 3D-printed on 3D printers and the lining which is high-quality organic GOTS certified peaceful material (most commonly we use the organic peace silk or its blends). The final piece of garment is hand made using the finest craftsmanship and materials available.

Minor variations in surface texture and shading are unique design characteristics of the garment 3D modelling adjustment and its 3D printing and are not considered flaws.

Is that washable?

It is recommended that the product be washed separately.
Hand or machine wash, cold.
Dry flat. No drying machines.

Is 3D-printed part of the skirt safe for human health and environment?

This garment is created using a TPE-type material, which is 100% recyclable and has a wide history of use in traditional clothing production, for adding the additional properties to the underwear and sportswear.

The way this material is used in 3D printing permits to collect it and to use entirely to turn into new material for 3D printing of other pieces of clothing.


Follow this instruction for a long-lasting use of your new garment

Follow these instructions for long-lasting garments

Your new piece of clothing is not only unique by design, but it has also been made with a combination of the best possible production practices and materials. Since it is created with organic, natural fabric linings and delicate 3D-printed practices, it needs a little extra care for long-lasting use. Please, follow the washing instructions below and give preference to hand washing with cold water.

If you need consultation regarding the caring and/or washing of your 3D-printed piece of clothing, contact us via e-mail:

Preferred temperature for washing this garment is 30°C / 86 °F
Cold-water machine wash. Hand wash is preferred.
Do not put in the dryer. Do not iron

Gift box

A complimentary gift box is offered to your garment.

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